Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership Toolkit Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Leadership Toolkit?

    Your Exclusive resource as a Chapter or SIG (Special Interest Group) Leader to assist and help you in your role as Chapter Leader.

  • Who has Access to the Leadership Toolkit?

    The Leadership Toolkit is ONLY accessible to our chapter leaders and SIG Leaders.

  • I am a First Time User, how do I use the Leadership Toolkit?

    For more information on how to use the Leadership Toolkit and to see what’s available, click on this link.

  • Who do I contact if I experience problems with or have questions about the Leadership Toolkit?

    You can email or use the discussion forum button on the homepage of the Leadership Toolkit to post a question.

  • Can I download the Brainshark video presentations?

    Yes; you can share the videos with your committee members and use them for reference at your local board meetings.

  • What is the difference between the Chapter Leaders Discussion Group and the CLC Discussion Group?

    The Chapter Leaders Discussion group is your forum to get in contact with fellow chapter leaders and share best practices and information.

    The CLC (Component Leaders Council) Discussion forum is open only to CLC Members and will be used to share information and further discuss topics addressed at CLC Meetings.

  • Which Topics can I post in the Chapter Leaders Discussion Forum?

    The Chapter leaders Discussion forum is aimed to stimulate the dialogue amongst global chapter leaders. You can contribute a resource, seek ideas from other chapters ,address chapter related  issues or concerns and seek advice from your fellow chapter leaders.

  • How can I contribute Best Practices to the Leadership Toolkit?

    Email your best Practice suggestions to

  • What is the difference between the Leadership toolkit and the Chapter Webportal?

    The leadership toolkit contains general information to support you in your role as chapter leader. The chapter Webportal  contains chapter related information such as membership reports, as well as the ability to  upload chapter prospects, deploy chapter invites and much more. 

  • What is the Leadership link

    The leadership link is a bi monthly E-newsletter sent to Component  Leaders globally. The purpose of the Leadership Link is to Inform and connect you, our Leaders, with relevant information and best practices to help you perform better in your role, and add value to your Component. You can find the latest issues under the Leadership link tab on the Leadership Toolkit homepage.